hey, i'm
travis sisti
or more often just
and i'm a
designer, coder,
drummer, mac user,
tea drinker, bike rider,
video gamer,
and bjj player.


Design and Front-end for Soundkeep.com


Design and Front-end for Disasteroids.com (winner of Node Knockout 2012)


Design, Front-end, and Back-end for EveNow.com


Design and Front-end for Verbalizeit.com


Mobile App Design for Mahalo.com

Mahalo Apps 1 Mahalo Apps 2 Mahalo Apps 3

Design and Front-end for eightbitbeats.com (winner of Node Knockout 2011)

Eight Bit Beats

Logo Design for Launch Conference

Launch Conference

Design and Front-end for Mahalo.com

Mahalo Courses Mahalo Video Games Mahalo Answers

about me

My name is Travis. I design and build stuff with my Mac.

I was raised in upstate NY and went to Stonehill College outside Boston. After graduation I spent three years in Washington DC, then moved to Santa Monica in 2010. In the summer of 2012 I moved to Boulder to work for the TechStars summer program as a HackStar, lending my design and front-end chops to a bunch of awesome startups. When the program ended I decided to stick around.

I've played the drums for about 20 years; everything from rock to jazz to orchestral.

I drink lots and lots of loose-leaf tea. Mostly from Samovar.

I ride my bike a lot. I play Brazilian jiu jitsu even more.

I spend the rest of my time in front of a computer.

If I was a character in a game, my stats would look something like this:

user experience

find me

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